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Joining the site is a very important part, based on years of market experience, we conclude several more favorable sales shop, such as:
Near the commercial centers or sub-centers, peer concentrated; near densely populated residential areas, new residential, office buildings, commercial buildings, squares, hotels, etc;

Two-story facade layer or an independent, high-rise buildings with elevators also; cross the intersection of two street corners, fork is relatively good shop.

These are just some of the ideal shop list, love space currently three different types of stores, beauty shop, medical beauty shop, spa health museum, site selection, market positioning also requires a combination of all kinds of stores, full consideration of local consumption care needs of the population may be.

In addition, the site also consider alternative regional economic conditions, the flow of people, the potential spending power, fixed cost, convenient transportation, etc., as there are similarities and differences of each region, we recommend that you fill out an application form to join or telephone consultation Merchants Department colleagues to learn more about a variety of circumstances, so we give targeted recommendations.

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About us

Aispace was founded in 2008 which is one of the most influential and professional nail chain in china. In 2008,Aispace began to nail fashion dream trip.The name “Aispace”is for you to enjoy the nail beauty and love this place.

Aispace has four departments including nail spa club,training unter,product research and development unter and franchise chain department.By dint of exquisite skills,warm serrice and high level of professionalism from teach group,Aispace has acquired consistent praise among insiders,laying an important foundation in the field of the industry.

The healtry interpreation of beauty is aispace mission,Aispace promotes the loncept healthy nail,healthy beauty is the real beauty.Since its inception,Aispace has attracted many fashion ladies and classy taste gentlemen.Though they come from different industries,different regions,but because of the perfect pursuit of details, they meet at Aispace,We will incleed remember our mission to color fingertips for every beauty customer.

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